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Where Am I? EP - Vinyl

Vinyl EP

Natalie Jane is all about being honest—even when the feelings she’s plunging into are murky and unsettled. On her Capitol Music Group / 10K Projects debut EP Where Am I?, the 19-year-old singer-songwriter lets her instincts and emotions guide her as she pursues life's truths.

Where Am I? signals that no matter where Natalie Jane goes next, she’ll be guided by her deep-seated emotions and formidable voice, which ranges from a sullen whisper to a world-devouring roar. “I’m saying exactly what I’m feeling, and I think people can resonate with that.”

Side A
1. Where Am I?
2. Do or Die
3. Mentally Cheating
4. Seven
5. seeing you with other girls

Side B
1. AVA
2. If You Died Today
3. Torture
4. I'm Her
5. Intrusive Thoughts